Salvia Varieties: jamensis


Salvia jamensis (common name: Jame Sage) is a bushy type of salvia that doesn’t grow any taller than 70cm in height. They have a wide range of flower colours that bloom from spring to late autumn with the foliage being aromatic, small, and deep green.

Any hybrid of Salvia microphylla and Salvia greggii is a Salvia jamensis which means they share the native territory of Texas and New Mexico. The first saliva jamesnis was found 1806-1850. Salvia jamesnsis are more like the microphylla when it comes to water which means they aren’t cut out for desert climates.

Salvia jamensis survives to around -8 and propagation is usually from cuttings taken during the growing season. Plant in a position that is well-drained and gets full-sun or partially-shaded exposures. Once established, the plant usually thrives on existing rainfall.
condition for them.

Some of the most popular Salvia greggii include:

• Salvia x jamensis ‘Javier’
• Salvia x jamensis ‘Nachtvlinder’
• Salvia x Jamensis ‘Peter Vidgeon’
• Saliva x jamensis ‘Golden Girl’
• Salvia x jamensis ‘Shell Dancer’
• Salvia x jamensis ‘California sunset’