Salvia Pink Amistad- As seen on the BBC’s Coverage of Chelsea Flower Show

Salvia Pink Amistad, introduced in 2022, garnered attention on the BBC Chelsea Flower Show. This remarkable variety secured the third position in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year 2022’ competition, with its entry and presentation skillfully handled by John, our Managing Director.

Developed through the crossbreeding of Salvia guarantica and Salvia orbingnaei, Salvia ‘Pink Amistad’ features substantial upright stems adorned with two-lipped pink flowers. Ideal for both pots and borders, this variety proves to be an excellent choice for attracting bees to your garden. It is more compact and hardier than the original Amistad, although some protection may be necessary in the event of severe frost. This outstanding cultivar is the result of breeding efforts by the renowned Salvia expert, Rolando Uria.

Salvia pink Amistad is available on the Middleton Nurseries website. See below to buy