Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’ (Fig)


‘Brown Turkey’ is a large fantastic, deciduous shrub. it has green foliage and produces flowers that are followed by edible fruit that grow up to 10cm in length. The fruit will come out green at first before turning purplish when ripe. Usually one crop of fruit per year. Native to Syria and Persia but has been grown in Britain since Roman times. Hardy so will only need protection should we have very severe frost.

Delivery Date: May 2022

Fruit Type: Figs
Foliage Colour: Green
Maximum Height: 890cm-900cm
Maximum Spread: 390cm-400cm
Aspect: Sun or partial shade
Soil Type: Well Drained/ No sitting water
Fruiting Period: Summer/Autumn
Hardiness: Frost hardy to -8
RHS Hardiness Rating: H4


P9 (9cm Pot)- P9 pots are square 9cm pots that we grew most of our salvias in. 9cm pots tend to be first year plants.

1 Litre (11cm Pot)- 1 Litre pots are Square 11cm Pots which we tend to grow our herbaceous and shrub plants in. 1 Litre pots are usually first year plants

2 Litre (16cm Pot)- 2 Litre pots are circular 16cm pots. We commonly use the 2 litres to pot on our 1st year crop to ensure it becomes a stronger more established plant. 2 Litre pots tend to be 2-3 years old

We aim to send our plants out within a week of purchase however they may sometimes be delays depending on stock level. Please see the Product description to see delivery time We send our plants out in double wall cardboard box which gives your plants the best protection during delivery. Each individual plant will be placed in a bio-degradable plastic bag and wrapped tightly around the steam of the plant which will limit the amount of soil falling out should there be movement during delivery. Two canes are put in the pot, one to secure the stem and one to limit vertical movement. Please note we may prune the plant back to fit in the box. All plants that leave our nursery in excellent condition, however sometimes damage can occur during delivery so should there be a problem, please contact us immediately and we will sort it out.


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