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Salvia pratensis Madeline (PBR)

john zako

Salvia pratensis Madeline (PBR)

Madeline is a stunning perennial salvia with 70cm spikes with bicolour flowers in soft white and rich purple-blue. Salvia Madeline was bred by Piet Oudolf. Hardy.

Salvia microphylla `Pink Lips’ (Jeramy) (PBR)

Wonderful new variety in 2017, discovered by Mark Van Lancker from Belgium a well-known breeder of salvias and well respected with his knowledge of the salvia species. A seed from the famous `Hot Lips’ salvia was nurtured into this stunning new variety which I’m sure will be just as good as its mother plant.

Flowering starts in early May until November, its beautiful pink and white flowers nonstop giving you an excellent flowering period, I`ve noticed the more shade the plant has the pinker the flowers become, especially in early stages of flowering. Dry hot summers bring more of the white colouring. The plant is just as hardy as the `Hot Lips’ down to minus 8 to -12.

Salvia x jamensis Peter Vidgeon

Jamensis varieties are a hybrid from Mexico whereby salvia microphylla and s. greggii hybridise naturally, and the resulting hybrids are named salvia x jamensis. One of my favourites is `Peter Vidgeon’ which has won the RHS Award of Garden Merit. It was raised by Salvia expert, enthusiast and collector Robin Middleton.