April’s Middleton Nurseries Gardening Club Subscription Box

Brought to you by Chris Jesson

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I am a passionate career changer into horticulture who is currently on a positive and exciting journey.

Core values of advocacy, enthusiasm, sincerity and knowledge have been held across a number of career sectors; achieving, learning from pitfalls and making connections as I travel.
Gardening has completely captivated me in both a personal and professional capacity. The social media account has gone from strength to strength with a loyal following that has grown in the organic way I
believe in and it now has accolades to its name. Its audience is national and international, and I have gone on to willingly meet many of my followers in person.

I have spent over 12 years as a Chartered Town Planning Consultant and moved to a new house in 2019 that forged the gardening bug during lockdown and beyond. This instigated the creation of a social media account originally intended to stop boring close relatives with plant pictures into a hobby, then a place of study, ultimately career.

There has been voluntary and professional gardening work to back this up, along with partial completion of qualifications. While the latter wasn’t for me, I’ve been open in that and it hasn’t impeded my capabilities. My gardening experience has provided the knowledge to
disseminate key horticultural messages articulately and accurately to audiences. Followers say they latch onto my work for its comprehension, authenticity, joy and spirit. Others are inspired by vocal tone and calming diction in reels, lives, videos and stories.

Gardening has brought a new perspective to me; an enjoyment of being outside and seeing the rewards in the plants I have nurtured and the people it benefits. I am proud to be a gardener!

I first met Middleton Nurseries at the many shows that they exhibit and sell and built up an instant, friendly rapport. As both a personal customer and now a collaborator, your perennial needs are #groovygardeningapproved